Employment Law and Human Resources Compliance and Training Webinar Package (2023)

FTLF has launched an enhanced Employment Law and Human Resources Compliance Training Package.  This enhanced subscription will include webinars, policies, agreements, discounts, and more.  Read more about this new resource here.

Although employees are the lifeblood of a business, employers tend to react to personnel issues, instead of proactively planning and implementing preventive measures before an issue arises. Far too often, this leads to reduced productivity, high employee turnover, and costly litigation. Fortunately, businesses can significantly reduce their risk by staying abreast of pertinent employment laws, understanding how to leverage that knowledge to anticipate and address problematic policies and practices, and having a wide array of resources and tools at their disposal to quickly and efficiently curtail potential issues if, and when, they inevitably appear. 

The Employment Law and Human Resources Compliance and Training Package aims to help businesses mitigate the risks and costs of workplace issues and provides subscribers with access to a cost-effective, value-rich portal consisting of the tools and information needed to comply with the applicable employment laws, formulate legally-compliant policies and processes, and manage all aspects of the employer-employee relationship.

What's Included:

Read more below about each of these benefits or contact us with questions.

Monthly Compliance and Training Webinars

Each month, we host a webinar on a different employment law or HR topic. These webinars are educational, instructive, and often provide practical recommendations and timely advice on important issues, legal or regulatory changes, and emerging trends. Furthermore, these webinars provide subscribers with valuable legal insight into actual workplace issues that we have encountered on behalf of our clients. Lastly, our webinars are interactive, include polls to reinforce concepts, and reserve time for attendees to ask questions.

As a subscriber, you can choose to join the live session or listen to the recording whenever it is most convenient for your schedule, at no extra charge!

You can find a full list of webinars for the upcoming year by clicking the 'Agenda' tab above or by visiting the Employment Law section on the “Specialties” drop-down menu.

On-Demand Webinar Library

Subscribers to our Employment Law and Human Resources Compliance and Training Package have access to on-demand recordings of all of the webinars in our Employment Law library, plus select employment law webinars from Feldesman Tucker’s other subscription packages. A list of the on-demand webinars that are available to subscribers to our Employment Law and Human Resources Compliance and Training Package can be found here or by visiting the Employment Law Practice Area page.

Industry Update Webinars

In addition to our monthly webinars and on-demand webinar library, subscribers will receive complimentary access to special “industry update” webinars that provide timely advice on emerging risk areas and trends in employment law and human resources.

Articles and Alerts

When there is a landmark court decision, new legislation, or other important news, subscribers will receive breaking news alerts or articles sent directly to their inboxes. While alerts are intended to serve as brief summations of breaking news topics, our articles provide in-depth analysis with key takeaways and best practices.

Target Audience

  • Human Resources Managers and Staff
  • “C-Suite” Leadership: CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, COOs, and CCOs
  • Directors and Supervisors
  • Compliance Officers
  • Risk Managers
  • In-House Legal Counsel
Course summary
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Upcoming Webinars
TitleDate & TimeDurationRecording
Best Practices for Terminating the Employment Relationship, Minimizing Legal Risk and Avoiding Litigation
1 p.m. ET
90 minAvailable Now!
Beyond the Basics: Navigating the Challenges of Remote Work Arrangements
1 p.m. ET
90 minAvailable Now!
Mastering the Essential Fundamentals of the Americans with Disabilities Act (2-Part Series)
3/20/23 &
1 p.m. ET
60 min/eaAvailable Now!
Demystifying the Process of Responding to an EEOC Charge of Discrimination
1 p.m. ET
60 minAvailable Now!
How to Conduct Effective Workplace Investigations that Minimize Risk and Liability
1 p.m. ET
50 minAvailable Now!
Walking the DEI Tightrope: How to Balance Workforce Diversity Initiatives Without Tripping over Potential Legal Risk
1 p.m. ET
75 minAvailable Now!
How DOL's New Independent Contractor Rule Will Change Your Compliance Obligations Under the Fair Labor Standards Act7/18/23
1 p.m. ET
60 minAvailable Now!
Effective Strategies for Reducing the Legal Exposure Arising from Employees' Use of Their Personal Social Media Accounts
1 p.m. ET
60 minAvailable Now!
Mastering the Essential Fundamentals of the Fair Labor Standards Act (2-part Series)
9/12/23 &
1 p.m. ET
60 min/eaAvailable Now
1 p.m. ET
60 min
Available Now!
Navigating the Landmines of Free Speech and Political Disclosure in the Workplace11/14/23
1 p.m. ET
60 minAvailable Now!
High at Work: Examining How the Legalization of Marijuana Impacts Your Workplace Policies12/12/23
1 p.m. ET
75 minAvailable Now!

Certificates of Attendance: We verify attendance upon completion of a webinar (live or recorded version) and will only issue certificates in the name of the account holder enrolled in the course. If you need to document attendance for someone other than the account holder, we provide blank Certificates of Attendance for a supervisor to sign and certify that a different individual viewed the course. 

As a Employment Law and Human Resources Compliance and Training Package holder, if you need a certificate of attendance for a webinar, you must use the promo code to register for and enroll in the specific webinar (live or recorded version).

Group attendance: Due to the online nature of webinars, we cannot verify participation by more than one person. For groups, we provide an attendance record form and blank Certificates of Attendance to record attendance at a group viewing session and document each individual's participation.  

Read more about maintaining an attendance record in our FAQs


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This subscription is for the 2023 calendar year. By purchasing this subscription, your organization will have access to the Employment Law and Human Resources Compliance and Training Package materials through December 31, 2023. Any updates or additions FTLF makes to these resources are available to you at no extra charge.


If you wish to pay by check, we will only grant access to your subscription once we receive payment. Please visit our FAQ page for our full Payment Policy.


Due to the nature of the services provided in our products, no refunds will be issued for our annual memberships, subscriptions, toolkits, and other products, including but not limited to: the Employment Law and Human Resources Compliance and Training Package, Head Start Training Package, the Health Center Premium Plan, the Federal Grants Training Membership, all Toolkits listed here, and other offerings listed under our Products menu. However, FTLF can transfer the registration to a different account within your organization.

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