E.g., 06/25/2024
E.g., 06/25/2024
Title Format Event date Target audience
Annexes: Why Are These Important? Dealing with the Hazards that Matter Live Webinar 7/22/2024 Health Center
Audit Resolution Live Webinar 11/21/2024 Federal Grants
Concept to Practice: Federal Procurement Standards Live Webinar 8/27/2024 Federal Grants
Concept to Practice: Subrecipient Relationships Live Webinar 6/18/2024 Federal Grants
Confidential Services for Minors: Legal and Compliance Challenges Live Webinar 5/30/2024 Health Center
Conflict of Interest Live Webinar 6/26/2024 Head Start
Conflict of Interest Requirements Beyond the Procurement Rules Live Webinar 12/5/2024 Federal Grants
Contract Essentials: How to Protect Your Health Center from Unfavorable Terms and Conditions Live Webinar 9/16/2024 Health Center
Cost Allocation and Indirect Cost Rates Live Webinar 9/26/2024 Federal Grants
Cost Allocation and Multiple Streams of Funding Live Webinar Head Start
Cybersecurity and Head Start Live Webinar 10/23/2024 Head Start
Document Deep Dive - By-laws Checklist Live Webinar 10/30/2024 Health Center
Document Deep Dive - CMS EP Rule Checklist Live Webinar 7/24/2024 Health Center
Emergency Management - Challenges and Opportunities: Adapting to the Changing Landscape and Expectations Live Webinar 12/9/2024 Health Center
Federal Procurement Standards Live Webinar 10/17/2024 Federal Grants