FTCA Re-Deeming Application Review

If you are interested in having your CY 2023 Deeming Application reviewed by FTLF, contact us here.


During the continued COVID-19 pandemic, the CY 2022 re-deeming application cycle deadline is June 25, 2021. The EHB will begin accepting applications on April 23, 2021. 

HRSA always encourages health centers to complete and submit deeming applications as soon as possible, noting that early applicants may receive an expedited review. This timing provides HRSA with sufficient time to issue all Notice of Deeming Actions well in advance of December 31, 2021. 


The FTCA application can be complicated, requiring binding attestations and declarations as well as submission of over 20 policies and procedures used by health centers. Under FTLF's Deeming Application Review Service, FTLF attorneys will review your application for compliance with not only the statutory and regulatory requirements but all the additional HRSA expectations related to the health center deeming.  FTLF will point out problem areas with your application and provide guidance on correcting any shortcomings with the application.*

In order to ensure sufficient time for review and assistance, you must purchase this service and submit your application materials no later than June 1, 2021.
Questions? Please contact FTCAPractice@ftlf.com.
* NOTE: This review and the corresponding feedback constitute legal advice and will require your organization to sign a limited engagement agreement with Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP (FTLF). We make no warranties regarding approval of your deeming application.


Included in the flat fee are the following benefits: 
FTCA Deeming Application Webinar Series (live and recorded versions)

Review of Application.  FTLF attorneys will review your health center's FTCA initial deeming or redeeming application as you intend to submit it.  Only items that will be part of your application will be reviewed.

Written Report on areas of strength and concern found in your FTCA application. 

One Hour Attorney Consult with an FTLF attorney to discuss the report and issues related to your application.
Special Hourly Rate for Additional Hours if you wish to spend more time talking to an FTLF attorney about your organization's application.


FTLF has 25 years of experience and insight in assisting health centers submit high quality deeming applications as well as responding to and reversing negative deeming determinations. Our FTCA Team has extensive and detailed knowledge of the FTCA program and is ready to assist your health center complete and submit its re-deeming applications for the CY2021 deeming cycle. Learn more about our attorneys: 

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If you are interested in having your CY 2023 Deeming Application reviewed by FTLF, contact us here.