Head Start Governance Training Series

The Head Start Act and Head Start Program Performance Standards have multiple requirements that the governing body and policy council must understand so that they may adequately fulfil their roles in the program. FTLF has created this on-demand webinar series to train your organization’s governing body and policy council how to competently and efficiently carry out their respective roles in your Head Start program.

This on-demand series, available in English and Spanish, allows for a flexible training schedule. Each Head Start program could chose to view one webinar at each meeting or host a day long training session.  No need to worry if a few members are unavailable for your scheduled viewings - each member can watch (or re-watch) webinars at a time that is convenient for them. 

Webinars Included with this Series

Descriptions for each of the webinars can be found under the 'Agenda' tab above.

  1. Welcome to the Board/Welcome to the Policy Council
  2. Introduction to Head Start
  3. Fiduciary Duties
  4. Role of the Governing Body
  5. Role of the Policy Council
  6. Role of Management
  7. Effective Communication and Conflicts of Interest
  8. Grants 101
  9. Head Start Governance and Human Resources
  10. Head Start Privacy Requirements
  11. Data Driven Decision Making
  12. How to Excel in Monitoring Reviews
  13. Head Start Eligibility

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If you are interested in seeing a short sample of one of the videos in the Governance Training Series, in English and/or Spanish, click here.

Welcome to the Board/Welcome to the Policy Council

These introductory webinars, one each for the governing board and policy council, provide concise advice on running meetings and recording minutes.  The webinars give new members the confidence to actively participate in meetings and will give seasoned members a refresher on best practices. We also offer tips on how to record effective meeting minutes to set your program up for success on monitoring reviews.  

Introduction to Head Start

This webinar gives governing body (board for nonprofit organizations) and policy council members with a solid understanding of Head Start’s core programmatic requirements and the way those requirements are implemented in the Head Start Act and the Head Start Program Performance Standards.  

Fiduciary Duties

Governing body and policy council members will learn about three important fiduciary duties: duty of care, duty of loyalty, and the duty of obedience.  We describe what each duty means and how board and policy council members should carry them out in performance of their respective roles.

Role of the Governing Body

The governing body has legal and fiscal responsibility over the Head Start program.  But what does that mean?  During this webinar we cover the responsibilities of the governing body enumerated in the Head Start Act and the Head Start Program Performance standards.

Role of the Policy Council

The policy council is responsible for the direction of the Head Start program.  We explain what that really means and  describe the obligations of the policy council as laid out in the Head Start Act.  This webinar also clarifies how policy council members can carry out their duties within the confines of their authority under the Head Start requirements.

Role of Management

In this webinar, we list key Head Start members of the executive team that work with the governing body and policy council to implement the Head Start requirements.  

Effective Communication and Conflicts of Interest

After learning about the respective roles of the governing body, policy council, and management, this webinar provides insight on how they can best communicate to serve the needs of the community while complying with Head Start requirements.  We cover strategies to communicate effectively and what to do in the event of a dispute. In addition, this webinar discusses conflicts of interest as they relate to of the governing body, policy council, and employees.

Grants 101

In this webinar, we explain foundational concepts of federal grant programs and identify high-risk areas that deserve special attention.  

Head Start Governance and Human Resources

In this webinar, we describe board and policy council responsibilities over human resources issues, including hiring, evaluation, and termination of Head Start employees.

Data Driven Decision Making

The Head Start Program Performance Standards emphasize that Boards must have access to relevant data to make informed decisions.  We use review relevant provisions from the Head Start Act and the Head Start Program Performance standards to identify the data that should be available to governing body and policy council members and discuss how to effectively document the use of data.  

Head Start Privacy Requirements

Head Start Program Performance Standards require the governing body and policy council to approve a program’s data management procedures that protect the privacy of Head Start participants.  We review the rules that ensure the integrity and security of program data including privacy concerns.  

How to Excel in Monitoring Reviews

Monitoring reviews will include interviews with Board members.  Practice makes perfect!  In this webinar we provide advice on how to effectively prepare for these interviews, and we review questions that are likely to be asked.  Finally, we cover areas where programs commonly stumble during interviews.  

Head Start Eligibility

Under the Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS), staff that conduct eligibility determinations must receive training on the Head Start eligibility requirements within 90 days of conducting those determinations on the job. In addition, the HSPPS require that governing body and policy council members must be trained on the eligibility requirements within 180 days of their term.


Nicole, a Partner at FTLF, works in the firm’s Federal Grants, Litigation, and Health Law practice groups. Nicole offers her clients specialized guidance in compliance with federal grant law including specific programmatic requirements as well as the Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles and Audit Requirements of Federal Awards. Nicole represents a variety of community-based organizations, before State and Federal courts as well as administrative bodies. [Full Bio]


Phillip is Senior Counsel in the firm’s Federal Grants and Health Law practice groups. A native of Puerto Rico, Phillip’s bilingual, nationwide practice serves non-profit organizations, municipalities, local government agencies, and other federal grantees. Prior to joining Feldesman Tucker, Phillip ran a practice from San Juan which spanned corporate, business, public policy, government and contract law, and included contested matters and appeals before state and federal courts. [Full Bio]


Serving as Managing Partner of the firm since 2003, and a member of the Health Law and Federal Grants practices since 1992, Ted focuses his practice on helping organizations to solve problems. Ted’s expertise in financial, cost reporting, reimbursement, and administrative issues is widely recognized, and illustrated by his selection as a 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, & 2020 Washington, D.C. Super Lawyer in health care. Ted routinely handles challenging issues for clients such as government audits, internal investigations, and litigation. [Full Bio]

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