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Our Head Start Training Package is designed for Head Start and Early Head Start organizations who are looking to build out and enhance their Training and Technical Assistance programs. This annual plan provides your organization with fifteen hours of live training, a wealth of information in the on-demand webinar library, discounted registration for Feldesman's three-day crash course in how to manage a Head Start program, plus special pricing on our Governance and Policy Council training series and ERSEA FAQs series. Additionally, package holders will receive complimentary access to Industry Update webinars and other resources that provide timely advice in emerging risk areas and legal/regulatory changes.

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Live & On-Demand Webinars

(*) Indicates webinars that are included in the 2024 Head Start Training Package.

Upcoming Webinars
TitleDate & TimeDuration
Cost Allocation and Multiple Streams of Funding*7/23/2024 & 7/24/2024
1 p.m. ET
75 min
Rogue Board Members and Difficult Governance Situations*8/21/2024
1 p.m. ET
75 min
Fraud and Prevention*

1 p.m. ET

75 min
Cybersecurity and Head Start*10/23/2024
1 p.m. ET
75 min
Health and Safety Incident Reporting*11/13/2024
1 p.m. ET
75 min
Managing Match: Strategies to Meet the Head Start Non-Federal Share Requirement*12/18/2024
1 p.m. ET
75 min


On-Demand Webinars

Conflict of Interest*
Delivering Difficult News 
Developing Emergency Preparedness Plans*
Applying Davis-Bacon Requirements*
Vote for me: Political Activities*
Prior Approvals, Waiver Requests and Other Dealings: How to Best Interact with the Office of Head Start*
Surviving the Funded Enrollment Initiative: Helpful Strategies from an Attorney's Perspective
An In-Depth Walk Through The AMS 2.0 FY2024 Protocols
Industry Update: Head Start Program Performance Standards NPRM
Managing Head Start Non-Federal Share/Matching Requirements*
Tips for Providing Head Start Services When Facing Potential Budget Cuts*
Contractors, Subrecipients, Delegates or "Partners:" Choosing the Best Agreement Under Your Head Start Grant*
Managing Complex Property Issues for Head Start Grantees*
Eligibility for Governing Bodies*
Managing Multiple Funding Streams: Blended and Braided Funding*
Walking the DEI Tightrope: Balancing Head Start Workforce Diversity Initiatives without Tripping Over Potential Legal Risks*
Discovering the Facts and Determining What to do Next: How to Conduct Internal Investigations
When to Report Head Start Health and Safety Incidents*
Understanding the Davis-Bacon Act: What's Covered and What's Not?*
Applying Head Start Staff Qualifications in the Midst of Staff Shortages*
Managing Head Start Human Resources*
Monitoring Tips*
Industry Update: Understanding Information Memorandum ACF-IM-HS-22-07 on Reporting Child Health and Safety Incidents
Cost Share/Match*
To Ask or Not to Ask: Discussing Issues with Your Regional Office and Federal Officials*
“Long COVID” and Head Start Agencies’ Legal Obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Other Disability Rights Law
Political Activities*
The Top High-Risk Areas for Head Start Programs*
Two-Part Series: Federally Supported Property for Head Start Programs*
Time & Effort for Head Start*
Complex Cost Issues for Head Start*
Data Management & Privacy*
This webinar is presented in Spanish
Negative Findings*

Workshops & Trainings

Mastering ERSEA

This workshop will provide an in-depth examination of the ERSEA requirements, answer frequently asked questions, and discuss approaches to common ERSEA challenges faced by Head Start programs.

The A to Z's of Head Start - Directors Bootcamp

Join us for a crash course on managing a Head Start program. Whether you’re brand new to Head Start leadership or need a refresher on recent changes and revised federal rules, this overview will leave you feeling confident about your program’s ability to meet and maintain compliance with its programmatic obligations.

Fiscal Management

Join us for a two-day training addressing the hottest fiscal issues affecting Head Start programs since the release of the performance standards. Attendees will leave this hands-on training with practical tips and techniques as well as slides, supplementary sources, sample checklists and documents.

Adapting and Thriving:  Strategies for Head Start Agencies in a Changing Landscape

New in 2024, this in-person, executive-level workshop addresses the critical areas of Head Start programs, providing strategic guidance to face compliance crackdowns, budget shortfalls and the potential for new rules.

Head Start Governance Training Series

Over thirteen on-demand webinars, your organization’s governing body and policy council will learn how to competently and efficiently carry out their respective roles in your Head Start program. 

Human Resources: The Life Cycle of the Head Start Employment Relationship

How do you keep track of HR requirements for HSPPS on top of federal and state HR laws? This training covers the Head Start requirements like staff qualifications and competencies as well as common employment law risk areas such as background checks and personnel policies.

Acing Your Monitoring Review

Join us to learn key strategies for acing your monitoring review and best practices that will allow your program to be “review-ready” every day.

Risk Management

Our newest Head Start workshop will guide you through questions to assess whether your program's written policies can adequately handle key risks and vulnerabilities to your operations caused by the pandemic. The following week, after you've been able to use the risk assessment tool to conduct an internal review on your program, participants will gather for a brief follow-up to discuss questions and concerns. 

Head Start News

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