Federal Grant Management Toolkit

The Federal Grants Management Toolkit is currently being updated to conform with the 2024 Uniform Guidance changes. Questions?  Please contact us.

Receipt of federal funding can be simultaneously an excellent opportunity and a frightening proposition. Regardless of an organization’s mission, federal funds expand the scope of what it can accomplish. However, those funds come with many strings attached. If an organization does not fully understand or comply with those strings, the resulting consequences can be significant and severe. 

The Federal Grant Management Toolkit is designed to help both new and experienced grantees navigate the rules of the federal grant system. 

Our Toolkit includes customizable sample policies, procedures, and checklists, including:

  • Financial Management Policy
  • Property Management Policy
  • Procurement Policy and Procedures
  • Subaward Risk Assessment and Monitoring Policy
  • Audit Services RFP

While many specific practices and regulations vary from agency to agency and program to program, this Toolkit serves as a useful resource on the systemic rules and requirements that apply to all federal grantees. 

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    Federal Grant Management Toolkit



    Attachment I-1 – Legal Framework

    Attachment I-2 – Uniform Guidance Required Policies


    Chapter 1: Financial Management

    Attachment 1-1 – Sample Financial Management Policy


    Chapter 2: Federal Interest and Property Management

    Attachment 2-1 – Sample Property Management Policy


    Chapter 3: Contracts Under Grants: The Procurement Standards

    Attachment 3-1 – Sample Procurement Policy and Procedures

    Attachment 3-2 – Sample Section 889 (Covered Telecommunication Tech) Policy


    Chapter 4: Subrecipient Agreement

    Attachment 4-1 – Sample Subaward Risk Assessment and Monitoring Policy

    Attachment 4-2 – Subaward Drafting Considerations

    Attachment 4-3 – Sample Risk Assessment and Monitoring Plan


    Chapter 5: Federal Audits

    Attachment 5-1 – Sample Audit Services RFP

    Chapter 6: National Policy Requirements
    Chapter 7: Fraud and False Claims 
    Chapter 8: Research Grants


    This Toolkit and its resources were created in response to requests from federal grantees across the country for assistance understanding federal laws, regulations, and guidance to support compliance with programmatic requirements. Attorneys from Feldesman Leifer LLP provide a full range of advice, support, and legal counsel to recipients of federal funds nationwide. Our Federal Grants attorneys have years of experience related to maintaining compliance with programmatic requirements and practical implementation strategies; interpreting and applying federal statutes, regulations, and guidance, including the Supercircular/Uniform Guidance; and preparing for and responding to government reviews, audits, and cost disallowances.


    A Partner with the firm in the Federal Grants and Health Law practice groups, Scott advises clients on matters of federal grant law, government contract law, and health care law.  Scott assists clients with the myriad requirements that apply upon acceptance of federal grant funding, including the administrative requirements and cost principles established in the Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (Uniform Guidance), the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circulars that preceded the Uniform Guidance, and program-specific statutory and regulatory funding conditions. [Full Bio]

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