Premium Plan Subscription (2024)

Please Note: This product is limited to health centers. If you are not a health center, but are interested in purchasing a subscription, please contact us.

Health centers are faced with an array of increasingly sophisticated and diverse compliance risks. As federal grant recipients, health care providers, and community partners, health centers must develop a system to ensure compliance with the applicable laws, rules, and requirements.

Our Premium Plan is an annual subscription to all the tools and resources you need to develop, implement, and/or improve your Compliance Program and ensure that your health center has the utmost protection against very serious penalties.

What's Included?

A Premium subscription entitles your health center to a full calendar year of access to:

Read more below about each of these benefits or Contact Us with questions.

Monthly Compliance Webinars

Each month, we host a 60-minute webinar on a different compliance topic. These webinars provide timely advice for emerging risks or legal/regulatory changes, an opportunity to brush up on the challenges that remain constant, and up-to-date information about operational trends we're seeing in the field. As a subscriber, you can choose to join the live session or listen to the recording whenever it's convenient, at no extra charge. You can find a full list of webinars either on this page by clicking the 'Agenda' tab above or on the Health Center Compliance learning group page, found here.

Health Center Emergency Management Series

Premium Plan subscribers receive complimentary access to the year-long Mastering Emergency Management program, a comprehensive, a twelve-part webinar series curated for health centers. Over twelve months, health centers will learn the essential concepts and skills necessary to set up and maintain a compliant and effective emergency management program.  The full course and description can be found here.


Our Toolkits contain a wealth of compliance resources, including sample policies, checklists, and summaries of applicable standards. These resources are meant to be modified to work in your organization and include drafting notes on things to consider when adapting them for your organization's use. With a Premium Plan, you have access to our three Health Center Toolkits, including any updates or changes we make during the year:


The FQHC FAQ is a new benefit exclusive to Premium Plan subscribers. While our subscriber Advice Lines are being retired, the monthly FQHC FAQ offering will allow Premium Plan subscribers to submit questions to our attorneys who will provide responses to the most frequently asked questions during live virtual sessions.  Recordings of all FQHC FAQ will be available in the subscriber library.

Each FQHC FAQ session will focus on a different topic as we rotate between questions related to compliance, the FTCA and privacy and security.  To ensure the FQHC FAQ sessions are timely, only the first six topics for the year have been announced.  

Quarterly Document Deep Dive

Our Document Deep Dive sessions provide attendees with an opportunity to hear directly from the attorneys who developed the sample documents in our toolkits (including the Confidentiality for Health Centers Toolkit, the Section 330 Health Center Program Toolkit and the Compliance Program Elements Toolkit). In each session, the presenters will:

  • Provide background on the document, including whether the document is required, recommended or best practice. 
  • Review the document in detail, providing insight into the scope of the document, identifying optional provisions and discussing the implications of selecting certain provisions.
  • Discuss implementation strategies, including responding to common challenges and tips on drafting.
On-Demand Access to Our Compliance Webinar Library

All subscribers have access to on-demand recordings of the webinars from previous years of the Premium Plan in our Compliance Webinar Library. A list of webinars available to you can be found on the Health Center Compliance Practice Area page.

Compliance Workshop Registration Discounts

You and your colleagues are eligible for a 10% discount on the registration fees for the following trainings:

Quarterly Compliance Chats

A benefit limited to Premium Plan Subscribers, the quarterly "Compliance Chats" provide an opportunity to address current compliance issues. Each quarter, our attorneys will focus on a different hot topic area in compliance and risk management, describing some of the ever-present and emerging challenges and facilitating a broader discussion. 

Compliance Newsletter

The quarterly compliance newsletter, available only for Premium Plan subscribers, offers an overview of the current state of compliance and features topical articles on late-breaking news.  Providing in-depth coverage of rules and regulations impacting health centers.

Discounts on Health Center Webinars*

In addition to our monthly compliance webinars, the firm develops a number of other webinars each year covering key topic areas of interest to health centers and other federal grants programs. Subscribers will receive special pricing on select other health center webinars developed by our attorneys.  A unique promo code will be posted to your Premium Plan subscription course.

* Restrictions may apply (e.g., webinars co-developed or co-hosted with other organizations are excluded from this discount). 

Target Audience

  • Compliance, Privacy and Security Officers
  • Risk Managers
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Health center executive staff and management
  • Financial leadership/ staff
  • Clinical leadership/ staff


Course summary
Course opens: 
Course expires: 

From compliance webinars to emergency management to conversations with attorneys, our Premium Plan features a comprehensive suite of programming.  The below sessions, along with a full compliance library, are included in the Premium Plan:

Upcoming Live WebinarsDate & Time (ET)
Document Deep Dive: CMS EP Rule Checklist7/24/24
3 p.m. ET
FQHC FAQ - Tracking Technologies7/29/24
3 p.m. ET
Staff Training: Organizational Best Asset8/12/24
1 p.m. ET
Risk Assessments - Best Practices for Health Centers8/15/24
1 p.m. ET
FQHC FAQ - Prepare for the 2026 FTCA Deeming Application8/19/24
3 p.m. ET
Preparedness Exercises: Testing Plans Through Effective Exercises9/9/24
1 p.m. ET
School-Based Health Centers: Common Models and Legal Considerations9/19/24
1 p.m. ET
Compliance Chat9/25/24
3 p.m. ET
FQHC FAQ9/30/24
3 p.m. ET
Improvement Planning: Making Plans Better10/7/24
1 p.m. ET
FQHC FAQ - Business Associates10/21/24
3 p.m. ET
Cybersecurity Threats to Health Centers10/24/24
1 p.m. ET
Document Deep Dive: By-laws Checklist10/30/24
3 p.m. ET
Integrated Healthcare Systems: Improving Program Coordination and Compliance11/4/24
1 p.m. ET
Employment Contracts for FQHC Providers11/14/24
1 p.m. ET
FQHC FAQ - FTCA Updates11/18/24
3 p.m. ET
Emergency Management Challenges and Opportunities: 
Adapting to the Changing Landscape and Expectations
1 p.m. ET
Non-Profit Basics: Articles of Incorporation, By-laws and Other Requirements12/12/24
1 p.m. ET
FQHC FAQ12/17/24
3 p.m. ET
Compliance Chat12/18/24
3 p.m. ET


2024 On-Demand Webinars 
Annexes: Why Are These Important? Dealing with the Hazards that MatterComing soon
Protecting Peer ReviewOn-demand
Compliance Chat - Developments Under the 340B Drug Discount Statute and HIPAA UpdatesOn-demand
Avoiding Anti-Kickback Statute Exposure:
Receiving Grants, Below Fair Market Goods/Services, and Other Donations Consistent with the Health Center Safe Harbor
FQHC FAQ - Compliance: Insurance CoveragesOn-demand
Business Continuity Plan: Continuing Operations After a DisasterOn-demand
Confidential Services for Minors: Legal and Compliance ChallengesOn-demand
FQHC FAQ: FTCA: Deeming ApplicationOn-demand
Understanding the Basics: Building Blocks of an Emergency Management ProgramOn-demand
FQHC FAQ: Privacy and Security: HIPAA Breaches Affecting Fewer Than 500 IndividualsOn-demand 
From Chaos to Control: Establishing an Effective Emergency Management TeamOn-demand 
Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Health CentersOn-demand
FQHC FAQs: FTCA: Credentialing and PrivilegingOn-demand
Industry Update: What the Changes to 42 CFR Part 2 Mean for Health CentersOn-demand
You Can Go Home Again: Compliance Considerations for Remote Work
Risk Assessment: Identifying Hazards: The Key to Effective Emergency ManagementOn-demand
Offering Patient Incentives for Preventive Care: Recent Interpretations by the OIGOn-demand
FQHC FAQs: Compliance: Medicare UpdatesOn-demand
Compliance ChatOn-demand
Part 1: Nuts and Bolts of the CY 2025 FTCA Deeming ApplicationOn-demand 
Emergency Operations Plan: Understanding Essential Elements of a Plan That WorksOn-demand 
Document Deep Dive: Claims Management PolicyOn-demand
Nuts and Bolts of Mergers and AcquisitionsOn-demand 
FQHC FAQ: Privacy and Security: Patient Right of AccessOn-demand 
Communications Plan: Enabling Effective Communication During EmergenciesOn-demand


There are no continuing education credits associated with this subscription.

Certificates of Attendance: We verify attendance upon completion of a webinar (live or recorded version) and will only issue certificates in the name of the account holder enrolled in the course. If you need to document attendance for someone other than the account holder, we provide blank Certificates of Attendance for a supervisor to sign and certify that a different individual viewed the course. 

As a Premium Subscriber, if you need a certificate of attendance for a webinar, you must use the promo code to register for and enroll in the specific webinar (live or recorded version). Due to the nature of this particular course page, we are unable to verify completion of the recordings embedded here and cannot issue a certificate

Group attendance: Due to the online nature of webinars, we cannot verify participation by more than one person. For groups, we provide an attendance record form and blank Certificates of Attendance to record attendance at a group viewing session and document each individual's participation.  

Read more about maintaining an attendance record in our FAQs


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This subscription is for the 2024 calendar year. By purchasing this subscription, your organization will have access to the Premium Plan materials through December 31, 2024. Any updates or additions we make to these resources are available to you at no extra charge.


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