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Feldesman Training Solutions has an annual membership program to support personnel involved in federal grant management. Over the years, we have developed a suite of grant-related educational resources, from live trainings, to webinars, to written guides. This membership gives you the tools to help you better manage a grant, navigate grant funds and program income, supervise subaward relationships, and keep up with legal and regulatory changes. Running through the calendar year, this subscription includes: monthly grant webinars and our on-demand library (listed below), complimentary industry updates on emerging risks and regulatory changes, our Federal Grant Management Toolkit, and discounts on several of our in-person workshops focused on grants management.

Live & On-Demand Webinars

(*) Indicates webinars that are included in the 2024 Federal Grants Training Membership

Upcoming Webinars
TitleDate & Time (ET)Duration
The Single Audit Under the Uniform Guidance*6/27/24
1 p.m. ET
75 min +
15 min Q&A
Time and Effort Documentation*7/5/24
1 p.m. ET
75 min +
15 min Q&A
The Allowable Cost System*8/22/24
1 p.m. ET
75 min +
15 min Q&A
Concept to Practice: Federal Procurement Standards8/27/24
1 p.m. ET
180 min
Cost Allocation and Indirect Cost Rates*9/26/24
1 p.m. ET
75 min +
15 min Q&A
Federal Procurement Standards*10/17/24
1 p.m. ET
75 min +
15 min Q&A
Audit Resolution*11/21/24
1 p.m. ET
75 min +
15 min Q&A
Conflict of Interest Requirements Beyond the Procurement Rules*12/5/24
1 p.m. ET
75 min +
15 min Q&A
On-Demand Webinars
Concept to Practice: Subrecipient Relationships - Coming soon!
Delivering Difficult News
Assessing Subrecipient Policies and Procedures
Life of a Subrecipient in a Federal Grants World*
Changes to the Uniform Guidance*
Mandatory Disclosures*
Build America, Buy America Act Provisions for Federal Grantees*
Are You Ready For It? A Fearless Preview of the Government's Expected Enforcement Priorities for 2024
Federally Funded Information Technology
Subrecipient Non-Compliance*
Internal Investigations Do’s and Don’ts*
Mastering Business Continuity: Basics and Beyond Webinar Series
Mastering Organizational Cybersecurity: From Essentials to the NIST Framework
Federal Procurement Standards*
COVID-19 Fraud: The Impact of the Government's New Enforcement Priorities 
Cost Allocation and Indirect Cost Rates*
The Allowable Cost System*
Internal Controls*
Subawards vs. Contracts - Distinctions and Implications*
Industry Update: The Impact of The Supreme Court’s Recent Ruling on False Claims Act Liability and Risk for Federal Grantees*
Sole Source Procurement Under the Uniform Guidance*
Lobbying Restrictions*
Government Contracts for Grantees*
Grant Management 101*
Corporate Structure and IRS-related Considerations for Non-profit Federal Grantees*
Cost Share and Program Income*
Earmarks are Back: What are They, How do They Work, What are the Terms?
Federal Interest & Property Management*
Managing Research Grants*
Subrecipient Risk Assessment and Monitoring*
False Claims Act and Federal Grants*
Construction Awards: Planning and Managing Capital Improvement Grants*
Indirect Cost Rates in Detail*
Responding to Audit Findings*
This webinar is presented in Spanish
An Ounce of Prevention: Post Award Considerations for Grant Writers and Development Office Personnel*
Documentación de Tiempo y Esfuerzo (Time and Effort Documentation)*
This webinar is presented in Spanish
This webinar is presented in Spanish
Subrecipient Agreements: Key Terms*
National Policy Requirements*

Workshops & Trainings

A three-day federal grants training, covering everything from the legal underpinnings of the system through procurement and subaward requirements, cost issues, audit resolution, and more.

AmeriCorps Fiscal Compliance

AmeriCorps State & National Program funding creates the potential to considerably expand community-oriented volunteer opportunities, but comes with many complex rules attached. This training and discussion will cover the grant agreement, key allowable cost and cost allocation issues, National Service Criminal History Checks, practical approaches to internal controls, and more.

Ryan White Program Income

This two-day dive into this critical issue will include practical application of these requirements to real world scenarios and discussion of strategies for successfully managing, and properly expending, one’s program income.

Federal Funding Academy: Advanced

Building on Feldesman Training Solution's Federal Funding Academy, this one-day workshop dives into more advanced grant management concepts in the areas of cost allocation, contract and subrecipient management, national policy requirements, and more.

Resources & Products

Federal Grant Management Toolkit

Tools to help federal grantees manage a grant, navigate grant funds and program income, and supervise subaward relationships.

Federal Grants News

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